There’s no doubt that a clean driveway or patio improves the look of your home and business. After all, it’s the first thing you or your visitors notice.
Bluestream Services is a small company but big enough to tackle most tasks, domestic and commercial

Driveway Cleaning


Blue Stream Services is a professionally run, fully insured, high pressure water jetting business that has cleaned many surfaces including hospitals, domestic driveways and patios, tennis courts, wooden decking, whole houses, churches, shop fronts and other buildings. We also clear gutters on a domestic and commercial level.
We will always leave a job knowing that we have cleaned the area as best as it can be cleaned, we have the top of the range equipment and more importantly we know how to use it all to get the best results.
All types of driveways, patios and hard standing surfaces can be successfully cleaned to a very high standard by using high-pressure water correctly.


If high pressure water is not suitable i.e. cleaning soft sandstone, house rendering, and other areas were this would damage the substrate then we have access to very effective water based Biodegradable Biocides that really do work, they are very effective at cleaning and preventing the regrowth of problem organisms that jet washing alone cannot remove, such as Lichen.


We will also always suggest to our customers that after we have completed the first Jet washing cleaning process that an application of our Biocide is applied – this will stop or at the very least dramatically slow down the recolonisation of moss, lichen, algae and other organisms and bacteria that are associated with ‘dirty driveways ‘and outside areas making your driveway and outside area’s cleaner for much longer.

We also offer a maintenance programme to our customers, this typically involves re-visiting our customer approximately 6 months after our first visit, this will be to inspect the previously cleaned area’s – this is a free service and depending on the condition we would apply another application of Biocide if required – this would be at minimum cost. We really do want your driveway and outside area’s looking clean all the time, this is good for us at Blue Stream and obviously good for our customers.

Who doesn’t want external areas of their home or business clean all year round?
Driveways and all hard-standing areas can be cleaned at any time of the year and with our biocide applications will remain clean all the time.
All the hard work has already been done during the first Jet Washing visit so an application of Biocide occasionally will go a long way towards the cleanliness of your outside areas.

Some of the many examples of surfaces that can be cleaned are:

  • Block Paving.
  • Flagstones (manmade and natural).
  • Tarmac.
  • Wooden Decking.
  • Hard and soft wood Garden Furniture.
  • Walls and wooden fencing.
  • High Reach Areas.
  • Almost any outside surface.
  • Whole houses and other buildings.
  • Gravestones.
  • Brickwork.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Conservatories.
  • Facia boards and soffits.
  • Boats.


Our professional jetting systems also incorporate water recovery. This is especially useful for indoor cleaning or where pooling of water due to lack of drainage creates a problem. Contaminated water can also be recovered and disposed of safely.

We also remove graffiti using our venturi sand blasting equipment.

We at Bluestream have plenty of experience in cleaning all types of hard surfaces from old stone buildings through to modern hospitals, shop fronts, beer gardens and everything in between.
Where chewing gum is a problem, this can easily be removed with our high-tech gum removal system dissolving even the most stubborn wads of gum, leaving no trace and a surface that looks like new.
All our operating staff have undergone training in the use of all equipment used by Bluestream and all staff are provided with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) for each task. Risk assessments can be provided if required by our NEBOSH qualified HSE advisor


Bluestream Services is a small business but big enough to tackle most tasks, domestic and commercial.

We are fully insured and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and consider ourselves to be competitive with our pricing.

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Gutter Clearing

The Importance of Getting Your Gutters Cleaned

As a property owner, there are many to-dos that keep you busy throughout the year to keep your home in shape. You call plumbers when there is a leak, you call painters to touch up a wall, and you call an electrician to navigate any electrical problems. Often, property owners overlook what they can’t see.

Gutters only work when they have a clear drainage path.

In the autumn, as the leaves fall, it is important to keep your gutters clear of debris.

Our industrial Gutter Vacuum’s can reach upto 4 stories and are the most powerful 4200w models.

Typical Blocked Gutter Problems

The consequences of blocked gutters may seem small at first.  However, over time, this can cause many costly problems.

  • Damage to fascia & soffits– Rainwater can build up in your gutters allowing the water to pool and drain over the top of the gutter. The extra weight can pull your gutters away from your home, increasing the potential for unforeseen repairs.
  • Foundation damage– The function of downspouts is to direct water away from your foundation. When water drains incorrectly, it breaks down your foundation causing damage to the structure and stability of your home or building.
  • Interior water damage– Water needs a place to go. A blocked gutter or downspout has the potential to let water seep into your roof and walls. Water damage in a home creates additional hassles and destruction that can quickly add up to a disaster.
  • Mold– While mold is common in the outdoors, it is not your friend when it invades your house. When water and moisture drain improperly, your property’s potential for mold increases. Mold loves the warm temperatures of a house and thrives in humidity. Additionally, your chances of mold growth in your home or office open you up to health risks.

We clear your gutters from the ‘ground’ and can reach gutters up to a 4 story building using our state of the art ‘Gutter Vac’ system

Roof Cleaning

Most older roofs look neglected from years of weathering and moss growth. However, you’ll be pleased to know that all your roof may need is some professional care and attention to bring it back to its former glory!

Our specialist roof cleaning process includes removing moss growth and the build up of leaves and dirt using specialist chemicals that clean but are safe to use in the environment.

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